This winter in New York

For the tail of the spring, as well as a pair of sunglasses, pick excellent to yourself
My favorite design must be sunglasses. Block direct sunlight sunny, snow anti refractive, did not sleep well deal with the black eye...... Sun shades can come in handy all year round. On this diary, I'll tell you a couple of my favorite shades of Classic Sun shades and combine fashion trends with the 2017 to recommend some popular Sunglasses this year. At the end of the article there will be a basic face and the appropriate sunglasses, so please see the last one
Since sunglasses are really too common and are related to vision, I would recommend buying some sunglasses as much as possible: good quality glasses can be worn for years, and they don't look cheap. An exception may be trendy but not so daily all-match cheap glasses, if you really love, you can buy Photo wearing.
In addition , recommended short-sighted students with a pair of Prescription Sunglasses: Replica Ray Bans
weekdays too lazy to wear contact lenses, move out to the sun to be neat. However , it is best not to pick out glasses with lenses in the sunshine will change color myopia cups: good friends with the end connected with regret, said it appearance particularly insignificant, lost a final breath of youth. Just simply walked into the room externally and looked like a meandering suspect when the color of the glasses had not subsided. So please be careful:
Simple all-match Pilot Sunglasses
My first pair of sunglasses was Ray-Ban's basic Aviator Sunglasses (Aviator Sunglasses). The history of the aviator's glasses dates back to 1936, and the initial role was to help pilots avoid glare in high altitude, and the name "Ray Ban" came along.
The aviator's glasses are visually decorated with facial shapes, which appear to be a slap inside face and a pointed face. Can be called the necessary basic sun shades. Boys and girls can wear, in addition to lovers can wear different models. (for lovers sun shades, there are more highlights below: D)
I chose the color of the aviators gradient, and the direct related of myopia lenses, consequently go out shopping, skateboards, what exactly basically wear this binocular, very convenient.
Ray-Ban's start glasses are very colorful around color and style. In addition to the vintage models, as well as for different face of the Round/Square Aviators perspective, High Street more prominent Aviators, Oversized Aviators and so on facial area super show.
Square Aviators
Round Aviators
In addition to complimenting the classic degree of myopia, It is good to say a pair of Ray-Ban blue counter High Street Aviators, is a exceptional summer glasses. I'll use it either at the beach or simply at the swimming pool.
Water globe super stupid self timer 233 in Dubai
Along with Ray-Ban, many other brands will also be keen to introduce an endless stream of pilots. My father gave me a pair of Gucci eyeglasses before aviators and protect sunglasses. I think brown eyeglasses look more formal than those two before, so they usually come with formal dresses or perhaps a little more elegant skirt.
I believe everyone can find the most suitable aviator sunglasses, so if you want to buy a couple of simple but practical all-match glasses can be assured associated with.
Street beat Classics: Dark Ultra glasses
Star versions usually have sunglasses on the road: black and oversized looking eyeglasses are collectively referred to as "Black Ultra".
Tiffany's breakfast: )
I always think that "black extra" is the secret to make a persons face look good. As long as you find the proper glasses, even if only a frustration, or last night did not snooze well, walking in the street may send the model aunt, "do not close to the family" gas field.
Ray-Ban's Wayfarer sunglasses are a popular preference in the black ultra. During the more than and 50 year track record of British drama scientific discipline fiction "the mysterious doctor" is the choice of a sunglasses as the ninth season. "Dr. sonic sunglasses, sonic eyewear.
I bought a pair of black geometric frames Miu Miu 24 months ago and is still pretty special until now. The silver mirror legs, nose service and black is also a compact contrast. This is the most commonly utilized sunglasses in New York plus London this year.
Last cold months in Abu Dhabi

Black and appear is very popular cat eye design. As the name suggests, it does not take sunglasses at the corner from the eye, shaped like the eye of a cat. Cat Eyes Sunglasses often remind associated with 60s, elegant retro. There are more references later.
Love be careful machine: lovers Sunglasses
Even though lovers in love usually dress well, it is not easy to maintain a consistent dress in real life. And also the couple sunglasses can also be a beautiful skill - they only need to be selected at the time of buy, and then they will be ready forever!
Ray-Ban's different series of eyeglasses can be easily created with a solid sense of "CP" when ever properly matched.
My favorite model is the 2012 exhibition for Dr . mystery in Santiago, the three groups: Matt, Johnson, Karen, Gillan and Arthur Darvill.
Three people were being dressed in Ray-Ban glasses: Matt and even Karen wore the same Aviator, and Arthur wore male Round. Young and full of wrath.
Back in the interview, Matt at the same time put on a pair of Round: actually , Round is very face getting, but fortunately, the two forceful face is narrow, just for them to well control.
Show warm, super high-profile Con Bo Baki couple also often dress yourself in Ray-Ban. Sorry, I'm overly lazy to find better shots of them

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