amount difference is also great, cheap only needs more than twelve yuan, and the regular local mall in a pair of sunglasses fees are in the hundred dollars.

Considering the temperature rising, the stride of summer is getting finer and closer to us, and then the dazzling sunshine in the summer time makes many people like to dress yourself in sunglasses. Reporter survey seen that the major shopping malls on adult sunglasses at the same time, sales and profits of children's sunglasses are usually hot up. However , countless parents don't know whether babies should wear sunglasses not really.
"I bought many units of sunglasses from the Internet for the kids. The price is basically between fifty yuan and 60 yuan. It's fashionable for children to embellish. ". " After ninety days, "hot mom" Ray told me she bought sunglasses for the kids mainly to match clothes, and also did not care whether it is damaging to children. And for some people to guard the eyes of children, use and do not wear there are some difficulties. Mr. Zhao said: "the child's eyes are not totally developed, and Cheap Ray Bans
the sun is actually dazzling in the summer. We want to acquire Sunglasses for our children to guard our eyes, but we all don't know which is suitable for youngsters to wear. ". " Eventually, the reporter interviewed many random selection of sunglasses for the kids, the majority of the public to buy Sun glasses for their children, are in quest for fashion, rarely consider your own home child's eye injury. Together, the reporter found the fact that the current market sales of youngster's Sunglasses variety of styles, the amount difference is also great, cheap only needs more than twelve yuan, and the regular local mall in a pair of sunglasses fees are in the hundred dollars.
Your kids should wear sunglasses, the main reporter interviewed the experienced optometrist Li Xinmin, the person said, the child is not preferred to wear sunglasses, especially youngsters and children under 3 yrs old, because the child visual work of this stage is not but still mature, long time wearing spectacles, will affect the development of artistic function. On the market of youngster's Sunglasses price is a huge significant difference, the main difference in lens components, sunglasses mainly depends on typically the outlook, the lens is usually plastic, wearing the shades, not only is not good, and in many cases cause the child eyesight. Concurrently, Li Xinmin suggested that if you want to give the child to decorate sunglasses, be sure to buy the contact lenses with UV protection signs, along with check whether the production document, specifications and other information, not to ever buy the inferior sunglasses.

This winter in New York

For the tail of the spring, as well as a pair of sunglasses, pick excellent to yourself
My favorite design must be sunglasses. Block direct sunlight sunny, snow anti refractive, did not sleep well deal with the black eye...... Sun shades can come in handy all year round. On this diary, I'll tell you a couple of my favorite shades of Classic Sun shades and combine fashion trends with the 2017 to recommend some popular Sunglasses this year. At the end of the article there will be a basic face and the appropriate sunglasses, so please see the last one
Since sunglasses are really too common and are related to vision, I would recommend buying some sunglasses as much as possible: good quality glasses can be worn for years, and they don't look cheap. An exception may be trendy but not so daily all-match cheap glasses, if you really love, you can buy Photo wearing.
In addition , recommended short-sighted students with a pair of Prescription Sunglasses: Replica Ray Bans
weekdays too lazy to wear contact lenses, move out to the sun to be neat. However , it is best not to pick out glasses with lenses in the sunshine will change color myopia cups: good friends with the end connected with regret, said it appearance particularly insignificant, lost a final breath of youth. Just simply walked into the room externally and looked like a meandering suspect when the color of the glasses had not subsided. So please be careful:
Simple all-match Pilot Sunglasses
My first pair of sunglasses was Ray-Ban's basic Aviator Sunglasses (Aviator Sunglasses). The history of the aviator's glasses dates back to 1936, and the initial role was to help pilots avoid glare in high altitude, and the name "Ray Ban" came along.
The aviator's glasses are visually decorated with facial shapes, which appear to be a slap inside face and a pointed face. Can be called the necessary basic sun shades. Boys and girls can wear, in addition to lovers can wear different models. (for lovers sun shades, there are more highlights below: D)
I chose the color of the aviators gradient, and the direct related of myopia lenses, consequently go out shopping, skateboards, what exactly basically wear this binocular, very convenient.
Ray-Ban's start glasses are very colorful around color and style. In addition to the vintage models, as well as for different face of the Round/Square Aviators perspective, High Street more prominent Aviators, Oversized Aviators and so on facial area super show.
Square Aviators
Round Aviators
In addition to complimenting the classic degree of myopia, It is good to say a pair of Ray-Ban blue counter High Street Aviators, is a exceptional summer glasses. I'll use it either at the beach or simply at the swimming pool.
Water globe super stupid self timer 233 in Dubai
Along with Ray-Ban, many other brands will also be keen to introduce an endless stream of pilots. My father gave me a pair of Gucci eyeglasses before aviators and protect sunglasses. I think brown eyeglasses look more formal than those two before, so they usually come with formal dresses or perhaps a little more elegant skirt.
I believe everyone can find the most suitable aviator sunglasses, so if you want to buy a couple of simple but practical all-match glasses can be assured associated with.
Street beat Classics: Dark Ultra glasses
Star versions usually have sunglasses on the road: black and oversized looking eyeglasses are collectively referred to as "Black Ultra".
Tiffany's breakfast: )
I always think that "black extra" is the secret to make a persons face look good. As long as you find the proper glasses, even if only a frustration, or last night did not snooze well, walking in the street may send the model aunt, "do not close to the family" gas field.
Ray-Ban's Wayfarer sunglasses are a popular preference in the black ultra. During the more than and 50 year track record of British drama scientific discipline fiction "the mysterious doctor" is the choice of a sunglasses as the ninth season. "Dr. sonic sunglasses, sonic eyewear.
I bought a pair of black geometric frames Miu Miu 24 months ago and is still pretty special until now. The silver mirror legs, nose service and black is also a compact contrast. This is the most commonly utilized sunglasses in New York plus London this year.
Last cold months in Abu Dhabi

Black and appear is very popular cat eye design. As the name suggests, it does not take sunglasses at the corner from the eye, shaped like the eye of a cat. Cat Eyes Sunglasses often remind associated with 60s, elegant retro. There are more references later.
Love be careful machine: lovers Sunglasses
Even though lovers in love usually dress well, it is not easy to maintain a consistent dress in real life. And also the couple sunglasses can also be a beautiful skill - they only need to be selected at the time of buy, and then they will be ready forever!
Ray-Ban's different series of eyeglasses can be easily created with a solid sense of "CP" when ever properly matched.
My favorite model is the 2012 exhibition for Dr . mystery in Santiago, the three groups: Matt, Johnson, Karen, Gillan and Arthur Darvill.
Three people were being dressed in Ray-Ban glasses: Matt and even Karen wore the same Aviator, and Arthur wore male Round. Young and full of wrath.
Back in the interview, Matt at the same time put on a pair of Round: actually , Round is very face getting, but fortunately, the two forceful face is narrow, just for them to well control.
Show warm, super high-profile Con Bo Baki couple also often dress yourself in Ray-Ban. Sorry, I'm overly lazy to find better shots of them

blog post

With all the increasing reliance on cell phones, computers and other products, myopia has become a common problem. In The far east, 41% of the 5 to 15 year olds suffer from ametropia such as myopia, hyperopia and also astigmatism, while the proportion that has not been effectively corrected can be as high as 85%. This unique potential market, contributed to flourishing of the glasses market place: Daocheng glasses enterprises for 2016, new equipment, unique machines, the stores to go elsewhere.
Danyang glasses wholesale promote as Daocheng glasses comprehensive base, the whole year certainly is the wholesale price, a pair of cups of wholesale, buy a pair of cups of on the outside of the money in Danyang to buy 5 pairs. Really do not believe it, look at the bins of Danyang Dcape Ray Bans
glasses comprehensive market. 7 yuan a set spherical 1 . 56 painted lenses, 8 yuan a set Taimin frames, 18 yuan a pair of sunglasses are not increased position, the market price of 75 percent off...... In addition , through holidays, Danyang glasses low cost market in Yanan Path, Weihai Road, Jingkou path and College Road, typically the four largest market alongside one another launched promotional activities: 12 , 24, 2016 to 30, to 99 yuan to acquire glasses vouchers worth 600 yuan, unprecedented.
Since its place in 1998, 000 optical type through innovation shattered eye glasses industry "profiteering" ice, allow the glasses from the luxury to get FMCG; make a pair of eye glasses also implement the low cost price...... In October 2016, Wan optical officially got into the Burma economic facility city - Mandalay, taking the first step of internationalization. It is worth mentioning that, Wan optical will likely receive PRADA, COACH, ARMANI and other international big names throughout Burma exclusive sales agent. So as to repay consumers Daocheng, with now until January certain, 2017, 000 optical cups of wholesale Qingdao city almost 8 shops to celebrate Christmas together with new year's Day: the main glasses can enjoy the full 99 yuan up by 22 yuan (Cai Si, Essilor lenses can participate in those actions of the audience); buy any specific contact lenses to send sinor fish huner 360 ml nursing liquid glass.
People through the train, the main rapid development of glasses, already has 27 stores, and also amount and amount experience maintained a two number growth. For the future, the commercial enterprise leader Wu Yonghua announced: "already linkage enterprise planning ahead company, will launch an exciting new VC/VI system and trademark, take double brand lines, continue to deepen brand affect. ". "
From Thinking about receiving 3, 2017 onwards, the creation of giant benefits activities. Initial, brand lens discount minimum amount. Essilor diamond crystal A3 Series 40 percent off of, a full range of products 31% off of, two, 25% off Southern region Korean Kemi lens; in the event, the top 10 buyers free glasses every day to send 38 yuan a piece of material, anti fog mirror; a few, during the new year's moment, second pairs of eye glasses half (the first deputy glasses over 300 yuan); four, contact lenses price transform purchase.

Sales office staff told reporters Dcape Ray Bans

Inside summer, the sun is great, more and more intense ultraviolet light, with sunscreen and attractive Sunglasses has become many householder's choice. Recently, the news reporter visited some of the Xuchang optical shop, found that many optical shops have sunglasses while in the most prominent position, and a large amount of products, prices vary substantially. The personage inside program suggests, the citizen has to be careful when buying, must decide the sunglasses that suits your own self eye condition to undertake having on.
In Xuchang, an dvd shop, the reporter did find a wide range of sunglasses placed around the door of the most eye-catching status, there are many customers are picked out, try to wear. Sales office staff told reporters Dcape Ray Bans
that the annually 5 and June is considered the most popular Sunglasses sales time. Especially in recent days, typically the temperature has been rising, buyers came to buy Sunglasses drastically increased.
In the interview, typically the reporter found that the those who came to buy Sunglasses typically focus on the color of shades, the degree of collocation of models and facial features, nevertheless rarely pay attention to the anti ULTRAVIOLET ability of sunglasses. Amazing colors, unique style, lots of wearing sunglasses on the face, will surely play the role of decoration, but also donning sunglasses and improper variety, will cause damage to the vision.
Although sunglasses can be powerful against ultraviolet rays in the cold weather, not everyone is good for it. Ophthalmology experts reminded the public, soon after wearing sunglasses, entering a persons vision of visible light is usually reduced, the pupil will naturally open, for a long time, easy to generate acute angle closure glaucoma, there is redness, pain while in the eyes, a sharp decline for vision and other symptoms, specifically in patients with glaucoma shouldn't wear sunglasses. At the same time, loss of sight, night blindness patients are usually suitable to wear sunglasses, will boost the eye disease.
At the same time, various parents like to buy Spectacles for their children. Experts counsel that children, especially those in six, should not wear spectacles. Because they are at the critical time of visual development, a tad bit more bright light and clear goods are needed to stimulate artistic development. Wearing sunglasses way too early can affect the development of vision, which is able to lead to amblyopia.

summer. Wholesale Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Aviator glasses aka named meant for lens sunglasses, as big as the main frog's eyes, big website, light color, wind and maintain eyes, sunscreen, the aviator glasses become an important good reason in the fashion circle. One of the many senior glasses Fake Ray Ban Sale and shades manufacturer and distributor on the world's largest Marchon Eye wear, Inc., combined with the 1960s popular feeling in the summer of 2015, the current aviator glasses layout to fashion style re also interpretation conform to no regular pattern, all kinds of famous eye glasses.
L170SL uses the obvious blue sea lens to shield your eyes, collocation involving leg leather Wholesale Ray Bans UK texture, classy design, highlight the texture. L171SL Boyfriend style of the reflect and do not fall off the gaudy sunset purple lenses, together with full of the future sense about drawing metal mirror hind legs, cool and hard while in the gentle, unisex.
Calvin Klein Jeans neutral. A light dark and yellow with well lit yellow, and the other utilizing brown with dark red. Some relaxation, can bright in the summer. Wholesale Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Calvin Klein Pants leg with brand yellow metal sequins, more add a trendy.
Salvatore Ferragamozai launched for 2015 new men's aviator glasses, the use of metal style, mirror legs wholesale ray bans wrapped for leather, showing the readiness and elegance of men.
That is the Chlo designed specifically for gals pilots glasses. Psychedelic a drink ash to add more inexplicable color to the lady, and also connotation of the whole cups of can also be Ray Bans Sunglasses expressed through this unique color.
About Marchon Spectacles, Inc
Marchon Eyewear Inc. is one of the world's largest man or woman glasses and sunglasses makers and Ray Ban Cheap distributors, sales connected with Klein Collection and Calvin brands include Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Chlo, Diane von Furstenberg, Monster, Etro, Flexon, G-Star FRESH, Karl Lagerfeld, Lacoste Liu, Jo, Natuica, Nike, Nine, Gulf Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino along with well-known brands. The company is definitely headquartered in New York, Amsterdam, Hongkong, Tokyo, Venice, Nova scotia and Shanghai, also has a new regional office, will be Wholesale Ray Bans
the circulation of its products to help more than and 100 places around the world.

Splash over, marble Wholesale Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

 The exact eye-catching, vibrant yellow included in the frame and standard zoom lens, fit the warm feeling of the Cheap Ray Ban Outlet summer, especially made for Pilot Sunglasses, round eyewear and goggles. Mirror consequence for leisure styling to add to personality details. Semi see-through, gradual color and resin material to bring a sexy style, and the 2018 originate and summer trends in conjunction with the direction of the concept pointed out in the same way. Yellow lenses along with copper Cheap Ray Bans UK and silver metallic frame, highlighting the modern design.
In the spring and summer time of 2017 Silmo show the use of the design of the dual frame color and materials contrast, for the spring as well as summer of 2018 introduced a new wind. The different width of metal and plastic material materials used in pilots, circular and square frame, filled with personality. The double coating structure which is superimposed within the frame and the lens is designed for men and women. The striking tones and polished metal and even plastic material hawksbills combined within your of fresh elements to your trend of summer.
Splash over, marble Wholesale Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
texture, dot benefit resin frame bring different elements, popularity over the up-to-date hot hawksbills design. The consequence of the printed marble make-up is also suitable for the surface of the stainlesss steel, which makes the single product longer lasting. Layered and compressed ceramic material can be recycled environmentally friendly. The fresh new marble texture design is much more a sense of hierarchy, and the covering of the light and matte processing, to meet the different requires of the market. Bold sculpt for the round, pilots, rectangular, cat Shaped wholesale ray bans Sunglasses deliver stunning effect.
As the 2018 spring and summer pattern single product, goggles for the period to inject avant-garde individuality. Dark gray and dark-colored very secretive, application of phosphorescence gradient effect more vintage style movement. The smooth and curved lens may be further enhanced by the somewhat transparent mirror polishing method. The design of the frame will be the focus of this single product, as well as the resin material is included in the eyebrows and the attributes of the nose. Exaggerated blades and corners and completed contours break through typical aesthetics, the main market just for young people and young people.
90s is a time of terrific influence, both for Ray Bans Sunglasses footwear and even accessories. A thick square design of light resin fabric by male and female clients. The soft color aperture is more delicate, especially. Ebony lens and white skeleton crash, creating a unique wonderfiul style. After polishing the very frame for the long and even rounded oval design and one lot of.
Different thickness in the metal line for the spectacles in the eyebrows and nose area to add additional Ray Ban Outlet details. The smooth and rounded design of the particular bridge of the nose in the building is perfectly combined with the round, square, preliminary and cat shaped body. Polished silver, gold together with copper materials and pebble texture plastic combination to have a unique style. Mirror used lenses with side effects within the frame, emphasizing the strains at the eyebrows, unisex. Recognize metal effect and tone design is very modern.
Emblazoned by rows Dcape Ray Bans
of frames together with scattered gems and rocks, add jewels gorgeous experiencing for Ladies Sunglasses design. Extravagance diamond ornament for the sq, round, pilots and eyesight frame, so that summer throughout other more commercial along with modern sense. With smaller stones as frame uppr beam or embedded in the whole frame, and with pleasant all-natural gemstone and diamond adorned large plastic frame along with exquisite metal frame. The appearance of simple and soft colors on the lens to make the ornate structure more eye-catching.

ANCESTORS announced Wholesale Ray Ban UK

The series will be THE ROW woman full of retro temperament and OLIVER PEOPLES Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses elegant temperament blend, with a new interpretation of the classic O 'MALLEY as the main style.
OLIVER PEOPLES hand in hand THE ROW launch
The series will be THE ROW woman full of retro temperament and OLIVER PEOPLES Cheap Ray Bans UK elegant temperament blend, with a new interpretation of the classic O 'MALLEY as the main style.
OLIVER PEOPLES in conjunction THE ROW launch
OFTEN THE ROW and OLIVER ANCESTORS announced Wholesale Ray Ban UK that it will work together to help launch a new series, often the core concept is: to manufacture a woman full of classic perky style. The wholesale ray bans series will likely be composed of six styles, both these styles the classic interpretation of the classic Oliver Peoples models, both the circulation of professional charm with the business section, there are night time style casual. The set is inspired by the traditional pattern of Oliver Peoples, which will combines its southern California model and THE ROW with Ray Bans Cheap ease connected with sensibility and understated luxury. Each of the glasses are available in dvd and sunglasses, with a designed series of mineral glass colors. Throughout the series, there are 2 unique style design components, such Ray Ban South Africa as the metal core, the actual nose and the low profile.
OLIVER PEOPLES hand in hand THE ROW launch
O 'Malley NYC is one of the most brilliant within the series, so unique. THE ACTUAL ROW Replica Ray Bans
with a unique femininity re architecture Oliver Individuals classic O 'Malley. The actual series also marks the very first time Oliver Peoples allows the style concept of the brand to create the classic style.

myopia diploma, long-term wear Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Just lately the Japanese TAG Heuer, Essilor France, Germany Cai Mais, the United States and many foreign spectacles Bausch & Lomb manufacturers have Fake Ray Ban Sale issued a discover on its official site, said some of its products and services in the retail price affordable. The summer sun, how to choose male sunglasses can block ultraviolet light, has also become a incredibly hot topic of concern.
The sun on summer is often the your-eyes not open, in addition to umbrellas, hats can be outside the the sun, sunglasses is the best weapon from ultraviolet light.
Xu Bangli Chaoyang Hospital Ophthalmology health-related doctor reminded to pay special attention to your choice of sunglasses, Replica Ray Bans UK if not donning the UV blocking poor glasses, because the lens transmittance decline seriously, make the vision like to see things after dark as the pupil becomes significant, the residual ultraviolet will be being injected into the eye damage typically the eyes, a long time will appear dry eyes eye ache, soreness, headache, dizziness and also other symptoms. What is more serious is some sunglasses are substandard, itself with myopia diploma, long-term wear Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
will cause truly serious damage to normal vision within the human eye.
Regardless of time and spot for their wear sunglasses will also bring in a burden on the eyes. Some regardless of outdoors or interior, even at dusk, watching pictures, watching TV are wearing spectacles, it will increase the burden over the eyes, causing ocular hassle, blurred vision, dizziness, as well as not as long and other truly serious symptoms.
Some people are not suited to wearing sunglasses. People with glaucoma after wearing glasses, gentle reduction, Cheap Ray Ban UK mydriasis, intraocular force is easy to rise, so that the eyesight pain. It is more difficult to tell apart colors from wearing shades. Night blindness patients having on sunglasses will lead to diminished vision, even invisible.
Order know-how
Most people still like to stay in the light of the plastic considerations, but its protective work is the most important.
How to choose the perfect sunglasses? Xu Bangli says, to buy sunglasses to check the main lens Ray Bans Sunglasses surface is light, without warping, grinding symbolizes, bubbles, the lens leads to warping sight deviation, thick or traces, bubbles will result in dizziness and discomfort.
Think about sunglasses can be got in the eyes of 45 cm, and the observation of top to bottom lines around the Ray Ban Cheap horizontal range through the glasses, such as a screen or door frame, then glasses up and down before and after typically the move, such as linear daub or swing, the contact distortion, not to buy. Contact color should be deep plenty of, dark gray, dark brown together with black, blue and black, the two lenses will be more ultraviolet rays, try not to choose teal, orange and light red.
You might want to choose Dcape Ray Bans
the label on the name 100% UV protection products, to invest in high-quality sunglasses, the only thing you can use is to the optical experienced stores, regular glasses search to buy.
Related news all five strokes selection of contact lenses
At times are beautiful and effective. Experts said that the advantages and drawbacks of contact lenses are mainly within the following aspects: first, think about the packaging. Pay attention to whether the pack is sealed well, regardless of if the bottle is sealed along with a thin aluminum sheet. A couple is the Chinese logo. Mantra of sophisticated domestic or imported companies, product packaging must have a complete China's identity, and printed written text clear. Three is to take notice of the lens. Observe whether the borders of the lens is soft, there are no small dust on the lens convex curvy, colorless lens transparency, colour of the color of the the len's is uniform.
Four is a lens open, the effect is soft and smooth, there is no rinse off spots or sediment. Five is to the food and Drug Administration website. Chinese logo on the medical device product registration certificate number and medical production license number, etc ., can be checked on the food and Drug Administration website. JINGWAH Times reporter Ye Chau

Wholesale Ray Ban UK lens progress model

Take a look off to "Capital That loan Conference dotting pen" for the reason that theme, the "capital" is approximately the financing of information relieve, look off look over founder Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses
and CEO of the officially announced A round of financing has been successfully completed, the investor is Kai Fu capital. Look away from A round of auto financing is completed, marking the looks off has become a $2 one hundred dollars million company, which will help improve the Cheap Ray Bans UK upgrading of enterprise products and market expansion, while the O2O process will promote the glasses fitting.
Money is a normal production and operation of the enterprise operation required for the "blood" and "lubricant", therefore , in the process connected with enterprise production activities generally need capital and fluidity, corporate financing can develop enterprise, reorganization Wholesale Ray Ban UK of the establishments, adjust the production structure, to unravel the financial condition, obtain increase.
Look off said, for emerging entrepreneurial business cups enterprises, from the end connected with 2013 to now, just one year to become the leading platform for O2O glasses, glasses and capital by many peer attention, only with more than a year time to complete the first round of financing.
Look off the founder and CEO of the groom said people saw that look away from unique entrepreneurial ideas in addition to innovative O2O Wholesale Ray Ban UK lens progress model, will generously input capital, to look off to carry out a very good brand off a new prologue.
Future capital work with
According to relevant sources, the client has more than 20 years associated with experience in the factory provide chain and international style team, which allows customers to get the ability to provide consumers with high quality, stylish and inexpensive glasses. Furthermore, the customer on the highway in the brand concept and the recently available fire is very close to the slender entrepreneurial projects, are the primary to launch a market trial offer prototype, and then slowly reported by market feedback data promptly to update iteration.
The earliest 2015 Chinese smart sunglasses fashion festival, Wang Ke founder and CEO groom themselves at the scene details of Your round of financing investment capital is Ray Bans UK used for what purposes, the development of enterprises in short, hope is really a guest with a large information center business system, the prospective has become a model for development of the glasses industry O2O.
It is reported that appear off in the near future will still launch B round, D round and D circular a series of financing plan, and on behalf of Mr. Zeng Kai Fu capital swap site for each other by using deep desire and intend and hope to create a significantly better future customers.
Future progression
Look off the founder plus CEO Ray Ban On Sale of groom as well share outlook strategic progression plan and the presence with guest guests, he endured in an industry perspective pertaining to O2O glasses optometry, sunglasses and other industry pain tips, and to show the complex procedure for traditional glasses production, running to the fitting of hyperlink and leads to a very high price of glasses, big data the actual commercial test system with which leads to look off, appear off to eliminate these complicated processes, remodeling the supply stringed, direct supply by make and provide a pair of glasses superior quality and inexpensive products for the operator, at the same time also look out in efforts to build an admirer value growth system, risk better volunteers fans, installers and fashion brands to fuse look off.
The squeeze conference, Wang Ke head honcho and CEO groom to the "three point information belonging to the other dotting pen" to execute a detailed analysis, the "point" is the fixed Cheap Ray Bans
optometry services, mobile home handheld optometry service of phoropter and also mysterious mystery See Oughout automatic optometry machine is made for eye service; site implies in the field of O2O, will look down into a shop to subvert the industry, to provide services regarding users whenever and wherever possible. "Eye" that is not only to offer more than glasses, but also for the particular eyes of the user's present problems, to provide medical services level. The "pen" remains Audi instant plan and also site plan (joint substation director), central processing and even assembly center plan, BEGU online virtual try on application four plan, focus on way optometrist and the webmaster belonging to the image, will become the next serious customer development plan for.

2016-17 autumn winter season series FENDI HYPNOSHINE Glasses

That is a continuation of the new sunrays glasses FENDI design enthusiasm 2016-17 winter series, in addition to "FENDI Waves" geometry style wave from the mirror is spread to the edge with the frame, echoing Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses the corrugated pattern clothing series, romantic breath, frame lines smooth natural, hollow handle slightly with a little cute but , super flat lens and revealed some rigorous. Unique creativity, soft qualities, pure lines, in Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses the perfect sense of balance of these details, the allure of women exposed.
HypnoShine set Sunglasses Wholesale Ray Ban UK very retro cutting-edge, retro feel round accessories collocation futuristic full sheet metal frame, then lined to supply from the side edge into the frame lens color samsung s8500 lines show great development technology and skilled create FENDI, let the sun eyeglasses show different Cheap Ray Ban Glasses mobility as well as portability. That is, fashion, but additionally practical, FENDI has usually insisted.
The color of eyeglasses echoed 2016-17 winter collection color: Wine Red Wine Red-colored Amber collocation metal gradient lenses and amber bottles red stripes; black combination collocation blue turquoise coloration gradient lenses and charcoal with Turquoise stripes; shadowy blue metal collocation shadowy blue grey gradient contacts and red Ray Bans Cheap with shadowy blue stripes; green combination collocation green gradient contacts and sky blue by using green stripes.
New FENDI HypnoShine sunglasses will be available accessible in September 2016 at the FENDI global boutique and specified high-end eyewear store.
Look at this with a magic colored lines, as if hypnotized by the appeal, HypnoShine Sunglasses lead a person into the fantasy world of FENDI.
November 15th, to enjoy the entire version of the video Fendi. cn.
2016-17 autumn winter season series FENDI HYPNOSHINE Glasses
Safilo group (Safilo Group) is really a comprehensive Italy glasses producers and world-class dealers, using its high quality and good good reputation all over Ray Ban On Sale the world, the leader is also hi and sunglasses, optical mirror plus sports glasses industry. By using excellent design inspiration plus strong brand awareness, together with from the 1878 exquisite output process, Safilo will be outstanding design into a superior device. Safilo has established 31 subsidiaries in the world's major areas and has been working with franchisees, including North America and Latin America, Europe, the Middle Eastern, Africa, Asia Pacific as well as china. Its sales system in more than and 135 countries around the world, committed to making high-quality marketing channels. Safilo's own brands including Profesión, Polaroid, Smith, Safilo as well as Oxydo; at the same time, the following is a major international brand authorized manufacturer: Dior Dior, Homme, Fendi, Gucci, Banana Republic, Bobbi Dark brown, BOSS, BOSS, Orange, Chemical, line, Fossil HUGO, N. Lo by Jennifer Lopez, Jack Spade Jimmy, Choo, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Liz Claiborne, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Max Mara, Max&Co. Calcul, Cardin Saks, Fifth Path and Tommy Hilfiger.
Safilo has been listed on the Italy Exchange (ISIN code IT0004604762, Bloomberg SFL. IM, Reuters SFLG. MI), net sales on 2014 amounted to 1 tera- 178 million euros.
FENDI series of sunglasses and dvd mirrors are produced and even sold by Safilo Crew. Safilo Group is a all-inclusive Italy glasses manufacturers and even world-class dealers, with its superior quality and good reputation in many countries, the leader is also high-end eyeglasses, optical mirror and sporting glasses industry. Safilo has got excellent design inspiration and even strong brand awareness, and even from the 1878 exquisite construction process: through Cheap Ray Bans
the baptism of the time, through technical training, ongoing innovation and enterprising effects.
In order to precious traditional business from generation to creation, and keep pace with the periods, maintain the vitality of improvement, formed the "Safilo spectacles (Eyewear Product School) generation school", undertake the important activity of promoting the development of the. The school attaches great value to the development of students' product or service design, development and producing capabilities, enthusiasm, skills and also innovation ability is also a significant quality. Safilo glasses generation school offers a three 12 months apprenticeship program, combined with way of thinking and practice, to hire up to ten apprentices each and every year. Safilo hopes to train an innovative generation of glasses construction experts, the company's enthusiasm, concept and more than a century of top quality glasses production tradition keeps

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